What is a Barndominium?


Not just a barn, more than a steel warehouse.

While most homes in America have frames made of wood, a barndominium is a steel-framed house that offers a lot of advantages over wood: Lower costs, both in construction and maintenance, and flexibility of design, whether you prefer open-plan or filled with lots of rooms.

The average cost of building a home in America is $100 to $155 per square foot, according to HomeGuide, a web portal between customers and homebuilders. And while that price will vary depending on what materials the structure of the house is made out of, the 2018 U.S. Census shows that 92.6% of single-family homes built that year were wood-framed.

But there is a far more affordable alternative that’s starting to gain traction, primarily in the South: Steel-framed homes known as “barndominiums” which can save up to xx% on building cost alone.

There are many benefits beyond cost savings.

Maintenance Savings. Unlike wood, steel is impervious to rot, mold and termites, and “you don’t have to repaint it every season,”.

Energy Savings. Structures made of steel move and settle less than wood-framed ones, making them less likely to spring air leaks. With proper insulation installed, the structures are well-poised to protect against the elements.

Insurance Savings. Steel structures obviously don’t burn, and can better withstand earthquakes and tornadoes, which results in lower insurance rates. American made steel is rated for severe weather and can withstand hurricane force winds.

Given those savings, the barndominium has become a thing, particularly in the South. And as you’ll see, there is no common architectural style associated with them, it’s really up to the homeowner.

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